talking to youth


Ages 13–16

As adolescents enter high school, they are more likely to be offered alcohol, marijuana, prescription medications and other drugs. As the risk grows, it’s important to have frequent, positive and open conversations with young people about the choices they face.



Ages 17 – 20

As teens approach adulthood, they often feel caught between wanting independence and needing guidance and support. Make it easy for them to come to you for guidance by listening without judgment and trying to meet them where they are. Although you, as a parent, may no longer be the most influential person in your teen’s life, you still play an important role.



Teachers, Coaches, & Counselors

What you think matters to the young people you work with. Because you are an adult they trust, you can impact their choices. Your words and your actions set an example and can make a crucial difference. These tips can help you get talking.



More Information

Click here for local resources.

Click here for Mendo Blunt Truth. A website for teens and young adults to give them honest info about marijuana.