Teachers, Coaches, & Counselors


What you think matters to the young people in your life. As an adult they trust, you can impact the choices of the youth you work with. What you say, and the example you set, makes a difference. These tips can help you get talking.

Remind young adults that they're role models

Let them know that younger students and siblings look up to them as examples.

Remind them what can happen for breaking the rules

Teens that break school rules may have to go to drug counseling. They can also be suspended or kicked out of school or off a team, or even face legal prosecution.

Effect on school and sports

Stress the fact that teens who use marijuana regularly have trouble learning and memory issues. They also have lower math and reading scores. Marijuana can also affect the way they play sports because it can affect coordination.

Learn how teens are using marijuana

Because of vaporizers, edibles and drinks, it is easier than ever to hide and use marijuana at school or during school activities. Learn the different ways youth can use marijuana, so you know what to look out for.